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Character Name: Vanessa
Class: Free Knight -> Hero Knight
Weapons: Swords, quarterstaves; swords preferred
Country: Dentoria
Age: 21 22 23 24 25
Birthdate: April 10, 603 AR
Zodiac: Aries
Family: Father (Carl), mother (Kirsten), one older brother [Randall(24 25 26 27)], one older sister [Andrea (22 23 24 25)]
Language Skills: Trade, Dentorian (fluent), High Dentorian (average)
Mount: Ursula (horse)
Blood type: O


The story begins, as many stories do, with a man and a woman, and a small child that was born to them in their home in Rhia. The man and the woman loved their daughter very much, and raised her with the attitude that she would be a fine, upstanding lady before the courts of Dentoria. Though she was not noble, they aimed to make sure that she would give the impression of one.

And for a few years, it seemed that she would. She took to riding easily, and knew how to care for her horse. She learned her letters with ease, and developed a love for reading and stories. She grew confident and smart, with a sharp wit and a biting tongue.

The downside, because to many stories there is a downside, is that she had almost no skill with a staff. Her parents tried teaching her the magical arts instead, but she again had no talent. Worried, they introduced her to bows, only to find that she once again had no skill. She stubbornly declared that all the things she had tried were pointless and below her, and it was not her fault that she had no patience for such tedious weaponry.

The turning point was when she picked up a sword and began practicing with it instead of the things her parents had tried to get her to learn. The sword came naturally, and she felt like she could learn to use it well. Clearly, she said, she was better than any of the boys nearby, even perhaps her older brother.

She began learning how to use a sword from her older brother, and from a private tutor that her family had hired. Originally, he was to teach her brother alone, but he chose to teach her as well when she showed talent for the blade. After a while, the tutor suggested that she become a knight, and Vanessa found this idea oddly appealing. The lives of knights were full of honor and glory, and ways for her to prove her worth to the world.

With her older brother serving as the family's heir of sorts, there was no need for her to stay at home and learn to be a lady. She took to the road, improving her swordsmanship along the way.

At twenty-one years old, she found her way to House Keirnan of Dentoria, where she sought audience with the Lord of Keirnan to become a vassal of the House.

The story ends, as many stories do, with a beginning.


Vanessa is an image of femininity to many people. She is beautiful (for a woman who is not noble by birth) and feminine (if a bit slim and young-looking for a woman of her age). One would think that, with her favor for swords over magic, she would be more of a tomboy, or at least less hesitant to dirty herself or get into the "grungier" parts of life.

Not so.

Vanessa is at heart a true woman. She prefers books to battles and discussion to war, but all the same she is also a knight. She understand the need for armies, defenses, and parleys, but prefers by far the idea of being clean, pretty, and well-groomed.

One might say that Vanessa is at least a bit haughty. She is aware that she has some beauty to her, and does her best to accentuate it. While she wears the face of humility and understanding before any she would work for, she can just as quickly turn on those below her (or even equal to her in rank) and be conniving, manipulative, and outright cruel. When confronted about it, she will play the innocent and act like nothing has happened. Fake tears are her specialty, as are false smiles and feigned sympathy. To many people around her, she is two-faced, cruel, and rather a bitch.

Vanessa would say that she is of course not cruel, or two-faced, or callous. She is merely ambitious. And she is. When she has a goal in mind, there is little that can stop her. She will do whatever is required of her to achieve these goals: play the sinner or the saint, play the liar or the honest girl, play the clown or the tragic hero.

She's always thought of herself as a very good actor.


Thin and lithe, Vanessa has bright blue eyes and long blue hair which reaches past her waist. She usually keeps it out of her face with a headband or something similar. Her armor and clothing tends to be heavily decorated (anything to accentuate her beauty), and she wears a heavy amount of jewelry despite the fact that it is likely to get in the way of her work.

[Vanessa is a bitch played by dots for himitsu_sensou. Her PB is Umi of Magic Knight Rayearth.]